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The Professional Issues Committee of APSE is working on a base statement that highlights the importance and impact of pavement engineering.  The case statement includes economic, engineering, societal and scientific aspects of pavement engineering. This committee is also working on a demand survey to assess the needs of the industry in terms of demand for pavement engineers in the various levels/sectors of the profession as well as potential licensing and certification for pavement engineers. 

Committee Members

  1. Jake Hiller, Michigan Technological Univ., USA
  2. Kamil Kaloush (co-Chair), Arizona State Univ., USA (CONTACT)
  3. Dallas Little, Texas A&M Univ., USA
  4. Chuck Schwartz (co-Chair), Univ. of Maryland, USA (CONTACT)
  5. Andreas Loizos, National Technical Univ. of Athens, Greece

Task Force 1: Conduct a demand survey to estimate the demand for pavement engineers among different organizations.

This task force will conduct a demand survey for pavement engineers in different parts of the world.  The task force may use surveys, interviews with local business entities, interviews with professional organizations, a combination of these or other means to assess the demand for pavement engineers at different levels of education.  

Task lead: Luis G. Loria-Salazar (University of Costa Rica)

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