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Task Force 4: Communication of Status of Pavement Science and Engineering Publications

The main journals specialized in PS&E are relatively new as most of them started within the past 10-20 years. Some academic institutions and organizations still rank these journals based on outdated metrics or do not account for the significant improvements in the ranks of these journals in various citation databases (e.g. Web of Science, Scopus). This task force gathered information about status of the journals in international databases and developed a report for communicating the findings to academic institutions and organizations. 

This task force aimed at gathering and disseminating information about the status of key journals in Pavement Science and Engineering to create awareness on their relative positions with journals in other areas in civil engineering and to observe that they have significatively improved in the last decade. For this purpose, Scopus and Web of Science databases were used to browse the main journals in civil engineering and were ranked based on relevant metrics provided by each database. Besides, the evolution of the rankings by quartiles in the area of civil engineering, a common metric used to classify the journals, was also evaluated. This information was complemented by a list of the main journals in which full professors in our community have published during the last 5 years. These outcomes are summarized in a report document available for our community.

Communication of Status of PS&E Publications Report

Task Force Members:

Dr. Diana Sánchez, ATKINS, UK

Dr. Daniel Castillo, Michingan State University 

Dr. Silvia Caro, University of Los Andes

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