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Pavement engineering as an academic discipline faces numerous challenges as well as opportunities in terms of identity, education, research and professional practice.  In 2012, Prof. Imad Al-Qadi invited a small group of academic leaders (now APSE Board of Governors: Profs. Imad Al-Qadi, Bjorn Birgisson, John Harvey, Dallas Little and Tom Scarpas) from various universities and countries where they formulated and debated a basic vision for how to advance pavement engineering education and research and set a new course for preparing the next generation of pavement engineers for professional practice. This collective vision focuses on the science and engineering principles that underpin our discipline and align education, research and professional practice with new and emerging knowledge in design, materials, analysis, modeling, management and sustainability to address the challenges for pavement professionals in the 21st century while benefiting from opportunities in a collective voice.

On October 14, 2015, a group of academics (see list of founding members in the Directory) was invited from around the world to meet in Chicago and discuss the formation of APSE.  The group representing a wide spectrum of academics from research-active and education-focused institutes, was limited to 35 members to allow manageable discussion.  They came together to review, discuss, debate and further refine a vision for the development of a pavement science and engineering academic workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the needs and the demands of the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure that underpins the world’s economies. The founding members worked meticulously behind the scenes to define the group and draft its mission, vision and roadmap as related to its three core activities: Education, Research, and Professional Development.  

Since the October 2015 meeting in Chicago, this group met several times to formalize its activities (January 2016 in Washington D.C.; April 2016 in Chicago;  January 2017 in Washington D.C.; April 2017 in Dallas).  Immediately after the April 2017 meeting, the 35 founding members from 29 universities and 11 countries approved the by-laws for the academy (see by-laws here), elected its executive officers, and formulated different committees to take on APSE's mission. 

As a community of academics involved in teaching and research related to pavement science and engineering, we share many of the same passions, ambitions, and concerns.  Collectively as the Academy for Pavement Science and Engineering we stand strong and have the ability to pave the way and define the future of our profession. If you are not already a member we invite you to be a part of APSE, be engaged in its activities, and be informed.  

- Board of Governors

Board of Governors

Dr. Wynand Steyn

(Chair) University of Pretoria

Dr. Imad Al-Qadi

Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Dr. Andreas  Loizos 

National Technical University of Athens

Dr. Amit Bhasin

The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Lev Khazanovich 

University of Pittsburgh

Manager of APSE Operations

Dr. Diana S√°nchez

AtkinsRéalis- United Kingdom

Executive Officers 

Dr. Zhen Leng

(President) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Shane Underwood

(Vice-President) North Carolina State University 

Dr. Eyad Masad

(Past President) Texas A&M University at Qatar

Dr. Katerina Varveri

(Secretary) TU Delft

Dr. Hasan Ozer

(Treasurer) Arizona State University 

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