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Task Force 3: Best Practice Guidelines for Publishing in Pavement Science and Engineering

This task force aims to identify and disseminate the best practice for publishing in pavement science and engineering community, especially for students and junior researchers. The guidelines available from the main publishers in this field are used as reference. The APSE members who are serving as Editor-in-Chiefs (EiC) or Associate Editors (AE) of academic journals have been reached out to for sharing their experience and advice. This task force addresses various topics including but not limited to open-access versus closed-access (subscription-based) publications, citations, and originality.

Dr. Zhen Leng from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is the leader of this task force, assisted by Dr. Siqi Wang from Southeast University, Dr. Angeli Jayme from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Dr.-Ing. Miomir Miljković from the University of Niš. The other members of this task force include Dr. Victor Garcia (US Army - Engineer Research and Development Center), Dr. Jenny Liu (Missouri University of Science and Technology), Dr. Ajayshankar Jagadeesh (TU Delft), Dr. Pengfei Liu (RWTH Aachen University), Dr. Guoyang Lu (City University of Hong Kong), Dr. Bharat Rajan (IIT Bombay), Dr. Wynand Steyn (University of Pretoria), and Dr. Haopeng Wang (University of Nottingham).

This report summarizes the main outcomes of this task force. The first part is the report on the interviews with EiCs and AEs, led by Siqi Wang. The interview questions and responses from interviewees are summarized. The interview questions mainly focus on the main ethical standards that should be followed by a student or a junior professional when publishing. The second part comprises of the publication resources issued by publishers as well as selected online tutorial videos, led by Angeli Jayme. The third part presents the past experience of reviewers and authors regarding article writing and reviewing, led by Miomir Miljković.

The Report is available for download on the link below:

Best Practice Guidelines for Publishing in Pavement Science and Engineering Report  

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