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If you are involved in pavement science and engineering, we invite you to be part of APSE, be engagedand be informed...

APSE is committed to enhancing the recognition of pavement science and engineering as a relevant and important discipline that should be at the forefront of any conversation about infrastructure.  APSE members strive to work as a community to achieve this goal through a multitude of activities.  Please see our Activities page for more information.

ACADEMIC MEMBERS will be able to...

  • Engage with their peers from across the world to define the future of pavement science and engineering through various activities (e.g. developing a body of knowledge for pavement science and engineering, defining a strategic research vision for the next few decades, developing professional certification standards and programs)
  • Participate in workshops, meetings and forums that address education, research and professional issues related to pavement engineering at discounted rates
  • Use APSE as a platform to initiate online research forums for interacting with peers on specific topics across the world, and more!

STUDENT MEMBERS will be able to...

  • Connect with peers and future professionals in the field of pavement engineering
  • Access information about employment / educational opportunities from time to time, and more!

(All of the below)

  • Must be an academic involved in university education and/or research related to pavement science and engineering
  • Must have a PhD in a field related to pavement science and engineering
  • Applicants have to be endorsed by three current APSE academic members (see directory for current members). See membership form to provide this information.  NOTE: During initial membership period, non-APSE member references (active researchers from academia) may also be included for consideration. 

(All of the below)

  • Must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at an educational institute / university.
  • Must be enrolled in classes or working on projects related to pavement science and engineering.
  • A student membership application must be supported by an instructor, academic supervisor, or an APSE member to support their membership application (see membership form for details)

(All of the below)

  • Must be in post-doctoral or equivalent position OR a lecturer without a PhD OR professor of practice or equivalent position at a university performing teaching and/or research related to pavement science and engineering 
  • Applicants have to be endorsed by their mentor who must be a current APSE academic member.


APSE annual rates

APSE membership annual dues are based on the World bank classification of the country where the member is working. This classification takes into consideration the Gross National Income (GNI) of the country. Please find the list below to find out your rate:

   Academic member  Associate member Student member 
Country not on List 1 or List 2 (Regular rates)   $150.00 (USD)      $75.00 (USD)   $25.00 (USD)
Country on List 1 (66% discount)   $50.00 (USD)

 $25.00 (USD)

   $9.00 (USD)
Country on List2 (50% discount)   $75.00 (USD)      $37.00 (USD)   $13.00 (USD)

 List 1 (66% discount)List 2 (50% discount) List 2 (50% discount) cont.
Afghanistan (AFG) Algeria (DZA) Albania (ALB)
Burkina Faso (BFA) Angola (AGO) American Samoa (ASM)
Burundi (BDI) Bangladesh (BGD) Argentina (ARG)
Central African Rep (CAF) Benin (BEN) Armenia (ARM)
Chad (TCD) Bhutan (BTN) Azerbaijan (AZE)
Congo, Dem Rep (ZAR) Boliva (BOL) Belarus (BLR)
Eritrea (ERI) Cabo Verde (CPV) Belize (BLZ)
Ethiopia (ETH) Cambodia (KHM) Bosnia & Herzegovina (BIH)
Gambia (GMB) Cameroon (CMR) Botswana (BWA)
Guinea (GIN) Comoros (COM) Brazil (BRA)
Guinea-Bissau (GNB) Congo, Rep (COG) Bulgaria (BGR)
Haiti (HTI) Cote D’Ivoire (CIV) China (CHN) *
Korea, Dem Rep (PRK) Djibouti (DJI) Colombia (COL)
Liberia (LBR) Egypt, Arab Rep (EGY) Costa Rica (CRI)
Madagascar (MDG) El Salvador (SLV) Cuba (CUB)
Malawi (MWI) Ghana (GHA) Dominica (DMA)
Mali (MLI) Honduras (HND) Dominican Republic (DOM)
Mozambique (MOZ) India (IND) Ecuador (ECU)
Niger (NER) Kenya (KEN) Equatorial Guinea (GNQ)
Rwanda (RWA) Kiribati (KIR) Fiji (FJI)
Sierra Leone (SLE) Kyrgyz Rep (KGZ) Gabon (GAB)
Somalia (SOM) Lao PDR (LAO) Georgia (GEO)
South Sudan (SSD) Lesotho (LSO) Grenada (GRD)
Sudan (SDN) Mauritania (MRT) Guatemala (GTM)
Syrian Arab Republic (SYR) Micronesia Fed States (FSM) Guyana (GUY)
Tajikistan (TJK) Moldova (MDA) Indonesia (IDN)
Togo (TGO) Mongolia (MNG) Iran (IRN)
Uganda (UGA) Morocco (MAR) Iraq (IRQ)
Yemen (YEM) Myanmar (MMR) Jamaica (JAM)
 Nepal (NPL)Jordan (JOR)
 Nicaragua (NIC)Kazakhstan (KAZ)
 Nigeria (NGA)Kosovo (XKX)
 Pakistan (PAK)Lebanon (LBN)
 Papua New Guinea (PNG)Libya (LBY)
 Philippines (PHL)Macedonia (MKD)
 Sao Tome & Principe (STP)Malaysia (MYS) 
 Senegal (SEN)Maldives (MDV)
 Solomon Islands (SLB)Marshall Island (MHL)
 Sri Lanka (LKA)Mexico (MEX)
 Swaziland (SWZ)Montenegro (MNE)
 Tanzania (TZA)Namibia (NAM)
 Timor-Lester (TMP)Paraguay (PRY)
 Tunisia (TUN)Peru (PER)
 Ukraine (UKR)Russian Federation (RUS)
 Uzbekistan (UZB)Samoa (WSM)
 Vanuatu (VUT)Serbia (SRB)
 Vietnam (VNM)South Africa (ZAF)
 West Bank & Gaza (WBG)St Lucia (LCA)
 Zambia (ZMB)St Vincent & the Grenadines (VCT)
 Zimbabwe (ZWE)Suriname (SUR)
  Thailand (THA)
  Tonga (TON)
  Turkey (TUR)
  Turkmenistan (TKM)
  Tuvalu (TUV)
  Venezuela, RB (VEN)

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