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The Research Committee of APSE will oversee the development of white papers defining the most significant challenges expected to impact pavement infrastructure over the next decades and argue for the alignment of research priorities to match these needs.  This committee will also address several aspects related to publications in the area of pavement science and engineering such as quality of articles and the impact factor of journals. 

Committee Members

  1. Gordon Airey, Univ. of Nottingham, UK
  2. Bjorn Birgisson, Texas A&M Univ., USA
  3. Jo Daniel, Univ. of New Hampshire, USA
  4. Elie Hajj (co-Chair), Univ. of Nevada - Reno, USA (CONTACT)
  5. John Harvey (co-Chair), Univ. of California - Davis, USA (CONTACT)
  6. Wynand Steyn, Univ. of Pretoria, South Africa
  7. Kelvin Wang, Oklahoma State Univ., USA

Task Force 1: Compile a list of subject areas within PS&E and list critical readings for each subject area

This task force will identify subject areas within the discipline of pavement engineering (e.g. pavement geotechnics, asphalt materials, rigid pavement design etc.).  The task force will also compile a list of critical readings (journal articles or reports etc.) in each subject area.  The list of articles (papers or reports) will include citation of the article, regional applicability (whether it is region specific or global), a short statement on why the reading is critical for the subject area, key words, and means to access the paper (e.g. link to web page).

Task lead: Shane Underwood (North Carolina State University, USA)

Task Force 2: Compile a list of journals that accept papers related to PS&E and APSE members affiliated with such journals

This task force will identify journals that primarily focus on pavement engineering or accept papers related some area of pavement engineering.  The task force will also identify APSE members that are affiliated with any of the journals. The task force will also identify the key issues with obtaining high quality and quantity peer-reviews and potential ways by which APSE can help. The task force will also set up standards for substantive citing of an appropriate body of previous work including differing opinions and approaches in the subject area. 

Task lead: Kamal Hossain (Memorial University, Canada)

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