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One of the short-term goals of the Education Committee of APSE is to develop a Body of Knowledge (BoK), which will be essential for the practice of pavement engineering. The BoK will be defined for different levels of training/education: technician (lab, field), BS engineer, and MS/PhD advanced degrees. This committee will also explore the development of an online MS/MEng consortia, identifying textbook content for coursers in the model curricula, appropriate hands-on training for pavement engineering students and outreach efforts for the recruitment of students into pavement engineering. 

Committee Members

  1. Silvia Caro (co-Chair), Univ. of Los Andes, Colombia (CONTACT)
  2. Kevin Hall (co-Chair), Univ. of Arkansas, USA (CONTACT)
  3. Andreas Loizos, National Technical Univ. of Athens, Greece
  4. Hasan Ozer, Univ. of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, USA
  5. Jorge Pais, Univ. of Minho, Portugal 
  6. Jeff Roesler, Univ. of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, USA

Task Force 1: Compile content related to PS&E being taught as a part of other Civil Engineering courses

The goal of this task is to Identify the courses that currently have or might have a module about pavement engineering in the Civil Engineering B.S. curricula, and determine the teaching objectives and topics that could be covered in those modules. It is anticipated that the ‘Materials in Civil Engineering’ and ‘Transportation Engineering’ classes, which are common mandatory classes in most Civil Engineering B.S. programs, have or could have a 2-3 week module on pavement science and engineering. 

Task lead: Armen Amirkhanian (University of Alabama) 

Task Force 2: Compile topics that could be covered in an elective course in PS&E for B.S. students who want to specialize in Pavement Engineering

The goal of this task force is to identify the teaching objectives and topics that can be covered in one or more elective course(s) on pavement engineering for B.S. students who want to specialize in pavement engineering. The task force will initiate their activities by collecting information about undergraduate mandatory and elective courses that currently exist in several programs. Differences among Universities in their ability to offer elective courses in Civil Engineering will also be compiled. 

Task lead: Mohab El-Hakim (Manhattan College) 

Task Force 3:  Compile topics that can be covered in a graduate program in PS&E

This task force will identify the teaching objectives and topics that can be covered in a graduate program (master programs with classes that, in some countries, are also attended by Ph.D. students) in pavement engineering.  The task force will also assess pathways to maintain a balance between the fundamentals and the practical aspects to attract future professionals in the industry. It is anticipated that this will be an ongoing task force that aims to recruit students into pavement engineering academic programs. 

Task lead: Ashley Buss (Iowa State University)

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