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One of the short-term goals of the Education Committee of APSE is to develop a Body of Knowledge (BoK), which will be essential for the practice of pavement engineering. The BoK will be defined for different levels of training/education: technician (lab, field), BS engineer, and MS/PhD advanced degrees. This committee will also explore the development of an online MS/MEng consortia, identifying textbook content for coursers in the model curricula, appropriate hands-on training for pavement engineering students and outreach efforts for the recruitment of students into pavement engineering. 


The Research Committee of APSE will oversee the development of white papers defining the most significant challenges expected to impact pavement infrastructure over the next decades and argue for the alignment of research priorities to match these needs.  This committee will also address several aspects related to publications in the area of pavement science and engineering such as quality of articles and the impact factor of journals. 


The Professional Issues Committee of APSE is working on a base statement that highlights the importance and impact of pavement engineering.  The case statement includes economic, engineering, societal and scientific aspects of pavement engineering. This committee is also working on a demand survey to assess the needs of the industry in terms of demand for pavement engineers in the various levels/sectors of the profession as well as potential licensing and certification for pavement engineers. 

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